Isoletri is a company of insulating materials for electrical equipment founded in early 2004. Despite being a young company, the experience of its founders in the electrical segment sum a few decades, especially considering the history of previous smaller companies. By this way Isoletri has already been born with a very broad portfolio insulating materials based in cellulose sulphate pulp.

At first their main activity was the resale and distribution of materials Pucaro Elektro-Isolierstoffe GmbH for the national industry of power transformers such as Kraft paper and Presspan. The Pucaro, short for Presspan-und Cartonfabrik Christian Authenrieth Roigheim, is a German company whose activities date back to the year 1667, with the first mill for the manufacture of paper from Mr. Jobst Roedter in Roigheim. Today belonging to the group ABB, Pucaro is one of the leading global manufacturers of insulating materials to cellulose-based, with high quality materials used in the transformers world's most complex, such as the UHVDC (transformers, transmission lines in DC in ultra high voltages).

Realizing the market need for industrialized materials from imported high quality raw materials, Isoletri takes a big step with the opening of its factory for industrialization of cellulose based in insulating parts and components in Itupeva / SP. In this plant begins to produce almost all parts used in the insulation system of power transformer of big power. For each transformer hundreds or thousands of small parts are used, from small shim rods and strips up to large winding supports (tables and press plates). Some of the products manufactured by Isoletri today are ensuring isolation levels over 2.000.000V (impulse level) in transformers manufactured by our customers and ensuring the supply of electricity to a large part of our country and also abroad.

Shortly after it opened a second plant in Blumenau / SC also oriented to the industrialization of cellulose-based materials for transformers, strategically positioned to meet the important customers of the segment.

Over the years Isoletri won the respect and market share in the area of electrical insulators. This reputation of high quality products and performance leveraged new partnerships with globally known and respected manufacturers, such as, for example, the Swedish company Munksjö, established in 1862 and inventor of the Kraft process for the manufacture of special insulating papers (less than 0.2mm thickness smooth or crepe, thermally upgraded etc.) and Dehonit, a German company with over 75 years of history and one of the leading global manufacturers of densified wood (also known as KP).

In late 2008 the Isoletri already had a full line of insulating materials based on cellulose, kraft paper smooth and crepe, normal and thermally upgraded, calendered and pressed plates and also in greater thicknesses, laminated with polyester or casein glue, applied throughout Latin America. At his time we started to search other materials and related products to our market, expanding our portfolio for composites (rigid laminates) and also laminated flexible insulating materials that are widely used in electric motors and generators. In this area also established a partnership with the Danish company Elektro-Isola, a global benchmark in fenolites and TVE's ultra-high performance.

Through a capable team Isoletri offers innovative products and solutions for the market of electrical insulators, with the support of our partners with experts and laboratories of last generation.