Power and Distribution Transformers

They are one of the main equipment in the energy grid, and must operate uninterruptedly for several years. One of its most critical items is its isolation. Isoletri supplies a complete line of cellulose based insulating parts and pieces using first quality raw material internationally recognized, besides a rigorous production process and quality management, always guaranteeing the best product available in the market.

Instrument Transformers

Transformers for instruments translate line voltages and currents into measurable values. They are equipment related to grid security and efficiency, and must provide, without failure, accurate and reliable data.

Isoletri supplies its products to the main manufacturers of transformers for instrument.

Voltage Regulators

Voltage Regulators are protective equipment responsible for regulating reductions and over voltages in the grid that can cause damage and harm to consumers. Therefore, Isoletri is a supplier of parts and insulating parts of the main manufacturers of voltage regulators.


The reactors are equipment used to minimize the effects of long-distance transmissions, which cause considerable losses from the generating source to the consuming source.

Isoletri is a supplier recognized by this market.

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