Isoletri has years of experience in manufacturing cellulose based components, parts and insulating parts. Offering innovative solutions to the market. Its factories are equipped with machines that guarantee the quality in the manufacture of its products that are homologated by the largest manufacturers of transformers in Brazil and Latin America.

We have our own laboratory capable of performing all the tests requested in standard.

Insulating Kits

The high technology added to the know-how in the manufacture of insulating products guarantees high quality and performance end products.

• Cylinders
• Strips
• Spacers
• Washers
• Strut Blocks
• Clackband
• Duct Spacing
• Barriers
• Connecting segments
• Clamping Ring
• Pressure Plates

Shildings Parts

Static rings are exposed to great mechanical stress due to the pressing force as well as variations in transformer operating temperatures and exposure to high voltages. Isoletri uses exclusive and innovative solutions to meet the high demand levels of high voltage equipment.

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