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Isoletri moldings are produced from pure fiber only, without the addition of binding or clarifying agents. The manufacturing process of the wet plates by Isoletri, favors the formation of a product with high mechanical and dielectric resistance, due to the formation of the cellular structure of the plate. The manufacturing process is very similar to pressboard production and we use dielectric cellulose from high quality and reliable European suppliers.

Molded Caps and Angle Rings

Molded Caps and angle rings are applied for both mechanical and electrical protection of the exposed ends of the power transformer coils. The composition of the total diameter of the coil can be made by sectioning the segments in standard angles of 60º or 90º, this way we create the fast production process called Kanban System Components (CKS), where through standard molds and tools are produced semi-finished molded parts that are later adjusted according to the specific needs of each customer’s drawings.


The output segments are produced manually, according to the customer’s design and specifications. This way of production Isoletri can meet a wide range of designs, but with longer production time and the need to produce specific molds

Corner Protections

Corner protections are applied to protect the transformer winding coils.

They are produced by forming pressphan sheets, with a more competitive manufacturing cost, but with size and tab limitations.

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