Our monitoring and diagnostic portfolio includes solutions for gas analysis in transformer and switch oil. The equipment analyzes from Hydrogen to 9 gas compositions. We have portable and fixed solutions in transformers, as well as software and services.

Hydran Family

Hydran is a device for continuous monitoring of moisture and dissolved gases in oil that automatically warns of possible transformer failure. The wealth of data acquired can be transmitted using the wide range of Hydran line communication options, and can also be converted using calculations made by the device itself, in order to provide more information on the internal conditions of the transformer. Easy to install, the equipment is connected directly to a transformer valve and has no moving parts.

Hydran 201 Ti
Hydran M2-X

Transfix Family

Using photoacoustic spectroscopy (PAS) measuring technology, it offers accuracy and repeatability at near laboratory levels. It can analyze up to 9 gases every hour, and monitor in real time the 7 main gases used in all common diagnostic methods of equipment failures. It can monitor transformers of any size, aiming at increasing the useful life, preventing unexpected failures and operating a maintenance schedule based on the conditions/prevents.

– Minitrans
– Kelman DGA-500
Kelman Transport-X²
– Mult– Kelman DGA-900
– Taptrans

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